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Revolutionizing the industry, one product at a time

Georgia-Pacific’s state-of-the-art Innovation Institute® is designed to revolutionize our industry, one product at a time. The facility, located in Norcross, Georgia, simulates real-world retail and packaging environments to test concepts. It also features materials and packaging testing labs that are maintained at Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry (TAPPI) conditions.

We work together with you to analyze your entire supply chain and use a reliable and repeatable 5-step process to come up with innovative packaging solutions that could directly benefit your business.

Our innovation method works because everything is geared toward finding solutions that add value. As we work side-by-side, you’ll see that all our actions, methods and processes are implemented to help move your product off the shelf.

Plus, we get to do what we love: create innovative solutions.



Committed to understanding your needs and helping you improve your operations.

Our team provides advanced automation equipment and services to keep customer operations running smoothly and efficiently from coast to coast. Each member of the team is committed to understanding your needs – current and future – and helping you improve your operations.

Not only do we offer repairs and maintain box-forming equipment, we also offer a range of mechanical packaging and equipment solutions that meet your operational needs and impact your supply chain every day.

Packaging Design

Digital Print

The graphic design team at Hummingbird™ proudly serves some of the largest CPG (consumer packaged goods) brands in the country and around the globe. Highly regarded in the field of high-graphic packaging, the team has well over 100 years’ combined package and display design experience across all graphic print methods.

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